NFTs which hunt BTC for you

Unique NFTs created based on BTC blocks which not only appreciate in value but also generate passive income by staking.



Read our revolutionary whitepaper and use your own best judgement to think if you want to be part of this movement.


Bitcoin started on Saturday, Jan. 3, 2009. which mean it’s more than 600 NFTs. These NFTs can be minted in one go and sold.

Mint NFT

Each NFT is a visual representation of Bitcoins blockchain snapshot. They are drawn with a mathematical algorithm.

Once a week

After the existing NFTs are sold, we will be creating NFTs every Monday as the new blocks of BTC are produced.

round 1


An NFT is produced every 60 blocks of Bitcoin. For all the created NFTs between 2009-2023, we will have collection auctions. After that we are releasing at the 1st of each month till the last Bitcoin is mined.


Auction 1


Auction 2


Auction 3


Auction 4


Auction 5


Auction 6


Auction 7


Auction 8


Auction 9




BTC (WBTC - tokenised Bitcoin on Ethereum)

Governed by community

Price inflation is decided by the community and is currently 200%. It is based on BTC halving. It means the first 4-year collections will be priced at 0.1 BTC per NFT the second 4-year collections will be 0.2 BTC per NFT.

DAO activation threshold

make true BTC believer and early adopters benefit most. But then between our discussions we decided to make it closer to the BTC halving model. (We are open to hear your suggestions, as the first attempt of moving towards DAO).


Community driven

We built this project to be owned and governed by the true believers of this project (the NFT holders).


By staking your NFT not only you make passive income, but also you will participate in DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation). And you will make decisions on the future of this project.

NFT Burns

No price drop! We do blind auctions. And if the NFT is not sold at the end of the auction, it is burnt to increase scarcity for existing NFT holders.

Passive Income

Not only you are holding a unique snapshot of Bitcoin which is priceless and it can only increase in value over time, but also you make BTC on the new auctions

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Unique NFTs created based on BTC blocks

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